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Dozer or Bull dozer the most common machinery on any construction site and in many regions, Bulldozer is used as a synonym for Dozer. Also called Crawler, Crawler Loader but what is the difference in those.

By definition, Bulldozer is a Tractor with an attached wide blade on the front, used for demolition of buildings, pushing earth or rocks and a Dozer means one that dozes.

Bulldozers are commonly used in a variety of industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture. It is a powerful machine that is primarily useful for pushing, digging, excavating, and flattening materials such as soil and debris at construction sites.


Main two types of Dozer

There are different types and sizes of Dozers that you can choose for your particular project depending upon type of work or project, and other criteria are important factors to consider when choosing a bulldozer. Crawler Dozer and Wheel Dozer are types of Dozers. And there are 3 sizes: Mini, Medium and Large but most commonly used dozers are Crawler, Wheel and Mini Dozers.

Crawler Dozer


Crawlers, sometimes called Track Bulldozer or Crawler Tractor, are most similar to tractors. Crawler dozer is ideal for traversing dense, irregular terrain, as the truck provides excellent traction. Large crawlers have ripper to help shred and clear dense terrain.




Wheel Dozer


This type of Dozer is also known as Tire Bulldozer. Wheel dozers are easier to operate than caterpillars because the tires are better at overall handling. It also features fully articulated hydraulic steering and travels on smaller axes. This machine has softer tires than tracks, making it ideal for soft and delicate floors.





Comparison of Crawler Dozer and Wheel Dozer

  Crawler Dozer Wheel Dozer
Distance Good for short distance jobs Good for long distance
Ideal Work Surface Moving through Off-road landscapes, rough terrain, slippery areas Moving through soft, flat, sturdy surfaces
Used for Mining, Road Construction, Site Development Levelling, Mining Operations
Work Site Construction sites, Landscaping sites Stadiums, Water Parks, Grounds and Gardens
Speed Slow High


Popular manufacturers of Dozers

Most companies manufacture bulldozers of various sizes and models to suit any project. There are many manufacturers when considering renting or buying a bulldozer.

Some of the popular brands of Dozer manufacturers are as follows


Attachment – Dozer Blades

Dozer types can be further categorized depending on the blades. Different signs serve different purposes, can handle different types of materials and can handle different load weights. The most common types of Dozer Attachments are listed below.

  • Straight Blades (S-Blade)
  • Universal Blade (U-Blade)
  • S-U (Semi-U) Blade
  • Angle Blade
  • Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) Blade


Common uses of Dozers

Bulldozers are powerful machines that are primarily useful for pushing, digging, excavating, and flattening materials such as soil and debris at construction sites. Common uses of Bulldozer are as follows.

  • Construction projects: Bulldozers are useful in the initial stages of constructing houses.
  • Road Building: Dozers are used to push back the topsoil, clear the area, and level the surface before being filled with gravel.
  • Earth Moving: Road Building requires the removal of the less stable topsoil, which mainly contains organic matter and moisture.
  • Snow-Ploughing: Dozers are also great for other forms of heavy maintenance, like faster snow plowing and clearing roads
  • Demolishing and clearing land: Dozer is the best equipment to demolish old or unwanted properties and clean up the area.
  • Mining: Bulldozers are also useful in mining, where it is necessary to clear dirt deposits to get to the minerals.


Whenever it’s needed to have the equipment to complete any job then it may be the first choice to buy a new one but think about the cost of new equipment. The price of new equipment and machinery has increased. For instance average cost of a new Bulldozer start at around $30,000 and go up to $200,000 or more. Buying good quality used equipment at a lower cost can save thousands of dollars in the cost of buying new equipment.

There are many benefits of buying Used Equipment such as lower initial buying price and initial depreciation cost, less sales tax and insurance cost, less maintenance and attachment cost, etc.

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