Top 5 Models of Tata Dump Truck

A dump truck is a dumper vehicle used for moving various kinds of building materials from one location to another. Heavy haulage trucks from the brand-new Tata Tippers are regarded as the greatest tipper truck models in India and are utilized to transport bulky materials for construction sites. Continue reading to learn about the top TATA Motors dump truck models and how to get the finest commercial vehicle insurance to shield them from potential risks.

Models of Tata Dump Trucks

On construction sites, various materials are transported using Tata tipper trucks. Tata Motors’ micro tipper and lorry tipper are extremely popular in India. It is typically utilized on mining and construction sites.

Tata Motors’ Top 5 Dump Truck Models

If you’re seeking for models of Tata tipper trucks, see the list below:

TATA Signa 3523 TK

The Tata Signa 3523 TK provides increased productivity and outstanding fuel efficiency. This tipper variant has a potent 219 HP engine that produces 850 NM of torque. It also has a variety of cutting-edge innovations, including a three-mode fuel economy switch, a chassis frame that has been completely reinforced, hill start assistance, and durable iCGT brakes. All of these attributes contribute to higher performance, exceptional loading capacity, and lower operating costs.

TATA Signa 4825.TK

The strong Tata Signa tipper model has an engine that produces 249 HP and 250 NM of torque. The vehicle has a roomy interior and a sturdy, high-quality box body that can lift various materials and heavy loads. The semi-elliptical leaf spring air suspension and parabolic leaf spring in the lift axle at the front are two important elements of this tipper vehicle. It has semi-elliptical leaf springs and bogie suspension in the lift axle at the back to help with heavy loading operations.


The Tata 912 LP is cutting-edge equipment with a brand-new 3.3 light NG engine that offers great load-carrying mileage. High-strength steel was used to create its rigid body, which was painted in three stages for extended body life.

The new features added to this Tata tipper model include a music system with a quick USB charging cable, average fuel efficiency, a reverse parking alarm, a driver message screen, a gear shift advisor, electric tipping sensors, etc.

Tata Signa 2823.K HD 9S

Tata Signa 2823 K HD 9S is one of the best. It is designed for efficient building applications and off-road mining operations. This tipper variant has a 219 HP engine that produces 850 NM of torque. Additionally, it has the best single plate dry friction organic lining clutch, power steering, and gearbox.

An electronic fuel theft deterrent, a three-mode fuel economy switch, an engine brake, and new generation telematics are among the additional features of the Signa 2823. K HD 9S.

Tata Signa 3525.K/.TK

The powerful CUMMINS ISBe 6.7L BS6 compliant engine powers the high-performance and incredibly adaptable Tata Signa 3525.K/.TK tipper, which is our next vehicle. This heavy-duty engine has the ability to produce 950 Nm of peak torque at around 1000-1700 rpm and 186 kW of power at precisely 2300 rpm.

In order to provide outstanding performance, the tipper truck’s engine is coupled to a fluid and smooth TATA G1150 type 9-speed gearbox that includes a crawler and one reverse.

These top 5 Tata Tipper Models in India will thereby increase fleet owners’ and operators’ profits. You can buy them all from IronList at best prices.

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