Top 10 Construction Equipment Essential in Today’s Time

The world is expanding day by day. So is the Construction industry, by a rate of 5.6%. With about $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and

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The world is expanding day by day. So is the Construction industry, by a rate of 5.6%. With about $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year, the construction industry holds a critical place in the world economy. And could you imagine the industry itself without those strong and heavy machines? We couldn’t, which is why we brought to you a list of top 10 construction equipment essential today.


Top 10 Construction Equipment :


       1.  Backhoe Loader


Backhoe LoaderThis is perhaps the most recognizable machine of them all. It is commonly recognized as JCB in India, after the iconic company that put it in the market. But, there are other makers in the market, such as TATA , too. Backhoe loaders and crawlers are expected to amount to 70% of the total industry sales and revenue. Know more about the legacy of the JCB backhoe loader and how it seeped deep into the hearts of every Indian.





        2. Concrete Mixer


Concrete Mixer Construction EquipmentThis is one of the most basic machines found in construction. It is used to prepare concrete which then becomes ready to be used for construction. It has applications practically everywhere. It speeds up the process and smaller portable mixers can be used for small-scale projects. This one is simply worth investing in.





        3. Cranes


Tower Cranes for construcitonThis is a strong machine based on an age-old principle and design. Cranes are also the most sighted bird of UAE, as a nod to the continuous construction work there. Simply put, cranes can lift a bunch of weight and move it around, to height or depth and place it anywhere you like.






       4. Pick up Trucks


PickUp TrucksPickup trucks are the 4x4s of the construction industry. These are lightweight vehicles with a cabin and open space. Space is used to transport almost any kind of material that falls within the weight limit of the vehicle. The Indian market does not have as many choices or quality as the American market, but we do have some fine machines that have been around for a while. They have stood the test of time.





        5. Compactors or Rollers


Construction CompactorsThere’s no way that you haven’t seen one. These are heavy machines used for the compression of the ground or materials. They are mostly used for building roads but have other construction applications, too. Smooth wheel rollers are used for compacting shallow layers of soil or asphalt etc. sheep-foot rollers are used for deep compaction purposes.





        6. Bulldozers


Bulldozer for ConstructionBulldozers are widely used machines and have various applications. The most common is to remove the upper layer of the soil to a certain depth. They can be used to transfer material to another vehicle or place, too. And contrary to what Movies told you, they are not used to demolish illegal houses and innocent people. There are different types of bulldozers, catering to different jobs.





        7. Excavators


Excavtors for ConstructionExcavators’ basic job excavation. But, they can be used in a variety of other tasks such as river dredging, demolition, and cutting the tree. The structure of an excavator is very simple. It has a cabin having the control of a long arm with a digger attached at the end and can rotate 360°.






        8. Aerial Work Platform


Aerial Work PlatformAerial work platforms are used to provide access to a person where it is not physically possible. An AWP may also be known as a lift table, lift platform, or cherry picker. AWPs are generally used for temporary, flexible access purposes such as maintenance and construction work.






        9. Generator


GeneratorWell, this one explains itself. This is used as a secondary and emergency power source on construction sites. At times when the power goes out, important work is hard. The generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electric electrical energy. It can truly work wonders. These are generally portable.





        10. Safety equipment


Saftey Equipment at Construction siteHard hats, safety jackets, and safety harnesses and hearing protection are the life-saving gear that most construction workers working on site are seen wearing. Health and safety in the region have improved tremendously over the past couple of years but there is still ample room for improvement. Make sure you follow these safety precautions at a construction site.




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