Machines have facilitated agriculture on a revolutionary level. The global market for Agricultural Implements and Machinery was projected to reach $122.9 billion by 2019. And now we are witnessing a much larger growth by 2020. Agriculture was looked upon as an industry based on sheer physical hard work. The machines give us a chance of implementing smart ideas. If you are looking to increase your agricultural produce, we have a collection of the top 10 agricultural equipment that is designed to do that for you.


Top 10 Agriculture Equipment For Farmers


1.  Engine Driven Portable Agricultural Sprayer


The importance of pesticides can be estimated from the fact that approximately 5.6 billion pounds are used worldwide. This engine-driven machine takes away the manual work and results in even spraying over the field. The crop becomes free from pest attacks.




2. Manual Mini-Sprayer


Manual SprayerSmall and marginal farmers with less than two hectares of land account for 86.2% of all farmers in India. If you are a small-scale farmer, you will find motorized sprayer expensive. This is reasonable and has a solution, too. You can opt for a manual sprayer that will get the job done efficiently and will fit in your budget.




3.  Trolley Pump pesticide sprayer


Manual Mini SprayerWhile the number of large scale farmers is only close to 13%, the agricultural area held by them is approximately 52% of the total area. This means that their spraying needs will not be satisfied by either of the two machines we mentioned above. This is where the Trolley Pump comes. The bigger varieties such as tractor pumps fall on the expensive side but are efficient nonetheless.



4. Tractor


Agriculture TractorThis is a very basic tool that is needed by every farmer irrespective of their farm-size. The farm tractor is used for pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers, for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and also in transportation, tractors are almost used for various purpose across the globe.




5.  Cultivator


CultivatorAlso one of the most basic tools, cultivators are used in plowing the field using a tractor. A cultivator is any of several types of farm implement used for secondary tillage.They come in various sizes based on the farm-size. It is better to decide the number of tines you want and buy from a trustworthy company. You can get these custom made, too.




6.  Tractor Trolley/ Carrier


TRACTOR TROLLEY CARRIERIf you own a tractor, and you should, then you should also invest in a trolley for it. It will widen the scope of things you can do a lot. You will be able to do transportation by yourselves will never be free since you can get jobs all around the year. Trolleys come in various sizes and types.





7.  Roto Seed Drill


Mechanical-Seed-DrillGo to seed drill is made with a combination of a rotary tiller and a seed driller. This can even the soil and plants the seeds in an equal distance and depth. This is very effective in growing the crop produce. The machine is used mainly for planting wheat, barley, and grass beds. It is easy to operate and has minimal maintaining expenses.




8.  Combine Harvester


combine-harvesterThis is arguably the most advanced machine on the list. This is the reason it falls a bit on the expensive side, too. But this machine has returned like no other. It is used in harvesting the crop. It separates the wheat from the plant and produces hay simultaneously. You can start a whole different business based on this machine alone. The market for combine harvester projected to register a growth of 11.3% during the forecast period, 2020-2025.



9. Manure Spreader


Manure SpreaderThe world has recognized the horrors of using chemicals in food items and has decided to gradually move to all-natural methods instead. This said, not everything modern is bad. It is the combination we should aim for. This machine is the perfect example. It is used to evenly distribute the manure in a field. You can read a very interesting study on fertilizer use we recommend and you should opt for this machine.




10. Rotavator (Rotary Tiller)


RotavatorIt is one of the variant or type of Cultivator itself. The basic function of a rotary tiller is soil preparation. It turns the soil upside down which gives the soil better exposure. When you opt for a rotary tiller, the basic checks you should keep in mind are the area of the field where you are going to the tiller, your budget (it can range from $550 to $3000 in price), and the operator’s strength.




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