Tata Hitachi Excavators

Regular maintenance and inspection are necessary if you want to keep your heavy machinery working for a long time. Regular maintenance not only keeps your machinery, like Tata Hitachi excavators looking brand new but also extends its life for a few more years. In order to maintain excavators in proper working condition, routine maintenance is essential as they undergo harsh conditions during operation, such as digging and loading materials in challenging weather and terrains.

Maintenance and Inspection Check List

As you prepare yourself to run maintenance checks and inspections on your Tata Hitachi excavator, here is a checklist that you can follow:

  1. Visual examination: Before you can check the insides of the excavator, complete a visual examination for any cracks, dents or missing components. You should look for signs of oil leakage and random debris stuck to the nooks and corners of the machinery. Always ensure your excavator’s locking pin and safety clip are in the right place.
  2. Examine the state of attachment-related safety guards:  Verify the proper functioning of seat belts, safety lever switch, and travel movement alarm. Ensure the presence of the ID tag, safety decals, and operator’s manual. Confirm that wipers, horns, and all other instruments are functional. Check for damage, such as chips or cracks, on the windshield, light glass, burned-out light bulbs and mirrors.
  3. Inspect the functionality: During your regular checking, do not forget to check the boom and dipper arms by extending them. Ensure that there are no unusual noises or movements of the arms. In addition, confirm the presence and good condition of teeth on the bucket, remove any debris found, also ensure proper lubrication at all grease points and bushings.
  4. Check the cylinders and hoses: One of the most important steps is to check that there are no leaks in the hoses, cylinders, and fittings. Ensure sufficient levels of oil in the hydraulic lines.

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It is crucial that you run a proper maintenance service for your excavator regularly if it is operating in harsh conditions. You can follow the guidelines in the Tata Hitachi Excavator owner’s manual and conduct thorough risk assessments to identify any issue properly. If your equipment exhibits signs of wear, perform more frequent inspections and address any problems promptly by using genuine parts from trusted businesses like IronList.

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