Second-Hand Excavator for sale

Excavators are heavy-duty construction machinery used for digging, lifting, and carrying materials in various industries. Excavators can also be equipped with special attachments such as rock breakers, couplers, grapples, clamshells, cutters, and shears to do certain works in different conditions. They play a crucial role in infrastructure development and construction projects. The size of an excavator depends on the specific task at hand and is determined based on multiple factors like productivity, fuel efficiency, and versatility.

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Top 3 second-hand excavators on Ironlist

  • 2020 Sany Sy220c Hydraulic Excavator: The Sany SY220C is a hydraulic excavator with top-of-the-line specifications. It is equipped with a powerful Cummins QSB6.7 Tier III, 6-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine with a power output of 162 kW (218 HP). The digging depth of the excavator is 6.85 m, and the arm length is 3.3 m. The boom length is 9.2 m, providing a maximum digging height of 12.9 m and a maximum dumping height of 9.3 m. The price of a new Sany SY220C hydraulic excavator is 50 lakhs/unit.
  • 2015 Caterpillar 320d2 Hydraulic Excavator: The Caterpillar 320D2 hydraulic excavator, manufactured in 2015, is a heavy-duty construction machine with impressive specifications. It is powered by a turbocharged and aftercooled 4-cylinder diesel engine that provides a net output of 110 kW (148 horsepower). The operating weight of the excavator is around 34,000 kg, with an option for a long arm to increase digging depth and reach. The standard bucket capacity of this excavator is 1.1 m³, accommodating larger bucket sizes for specific jobs. The price of a new Caterpillar 320D2 hydraulic excavator starts at 55 lakhs, but it might vary depending on various factors.
  • 2020 Sany Sy80 Hydraulic Excavator: The Sany SY80C-9 Hydraulic Excavator is a formidable 8-ton machine that boasts a Kubota engine, making it a powerful choice for local markets. Equipped with a DOMCS load sensing system, variable displacement axial piston pumps, and a 0.32 m3 bucket capacity, this excavator packs a punch with a 58.5HP (43kW)/2000rpm engine and an impressive operating weight of 7920 kg. It is priced at 28 lakhs/unit, and you can find second-hand ones at a much lesser price.

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