Komatsu Excavators Maintenance and Inspection Check-List

If you are in the construction industry, you are already aware of the fact that how heavily the sector depends on heavy machinery such as excavators. Therefore, it is no secret that malfunctions, machinery breakdowns or idle time can affect a firm’s efficiency and profitability. In order to avoid issues, it is crucial to implement preventive maintenance in the construction industry. By conducting routine checks, normal wear and tear or minor faults can be identified and resolved before they escalate into bigger problems or cause equipment failure.

Maintenance and Inspection Check-List

Since excavators are heavy equipment and play an important role in the construction industry, regular maintenance and inspection checks are not something you can ignore. To successfully run the checks, here is a check-list of things you should do:

  • Visual examination: Examine the bucket for any cracks or damages and inspect its teeth. Clear out any large debris from the bucket. Verify the presence of all bolts and make sure all greasing points on the excavator are properly lubricated. Inspect the arm and boom, and briefly check beneath the machine for any leaks.
  • Check the batteries: Do not forget to check the batteries to ensure that there is no corrosion or loose connection that could start a fire.
  • Inspecting the engine compartment: Conduct a visual inspection of the engine and check for debris, leakage, or damage so that you can ensure that the engine is in good condition too. Check the hydraulic lines for any leakages, which could lead to equipment failure, if it is not in good condition.
  • Check the fluids and filters: It is essential to analyze the engine and hydraulic oil to ensure there are no leaks. Each filter on the equipment should have a record indicating if it has been cleaned or replaced, including oil, fuel, air, and hydraulic filters. You should also check for coolant leaks, inspect the fan assembly, assess the condition of the caps, clamps, and hoses, and confirm the proper functioning of the water pump.
  • Inspection of the undercarriage: Quickly examine the rollers, pads, and shoes. Assess the track tension and sprockets and ensure no damage or wear.

Just like with any other heavy machinery, conducting preventive maintenance checks on a Komatsu excavator helps to reduce downtime and increase cost-effectiveness. This allows owners to anticipate changes, and wear and tear, avoid breakdowns, and protect the machine from permanent damage, extending its lifespan. If you also want to buy quality excavator parts in India, you can trust IronList to provide top-of-the-line products.

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