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Looking Back at last year a lot we will find to learn and understand during pandemic and same can be said about excavator financing situation. IronList being growing organization we make sure to look out relevant data stats for Financed new and utilized medium-and-huge excavators which took two unique ways throughout year time span.

As per Equipment World statistics, the number of new financed medium/huge excavators diminished 13% during the December 2019-November 2020 period in contrast to similar period in the earlier year.

Top financed models

CAT, Deere and Komatsu overwhelmed the top 10 models in regards to number of units sold The CAT 336 was the undisputed head of the pack, with 591 units sold; Deere’s 85G arrived in a far off second at 389 units sold. (Note: EDA information is consistently refreshed.)

Simply seeing this top10 model cut, Deere and CAT were in a nearby race regarding number of financed new models sold during this time-frame, with Deere getting 37% of the pie, CAT 36% and Komatsu 27%.

On the utilized financed side, the Deere 210G LC beat out all competitors, with 315 units sold, trailed by the CAT 336F L at 289 units sold.


New & Used Excavator Data

Texas rules & leads the way

Similarly, as with most sorts of heavy equipment, excavator buyers in Texas lead the way, with 615 new gear purchasers and 951 used heavy equipment purchasers in the state during December-to-November time span. New financed excavator purchasers were likewise predominant in Florida (456 purchasers) and North Carolina (367 purchasers). After Texas, the top states for those financing used excavator was Georgia & North Carolina.

A glance back at financed excavator deals

Taking a gander at the all-encompassing 2011 – 2019 pattern line for number of units financed, new excavator unit deals topped in 2018 with 10,823 units sold. As anyone might expect, the lowest spot in this all-inclusive look was 2011, when 3,238 new financed units were sold.

On the used excavator side, the quantity of units financed went from a high of 11,893 units in 2017 to a low of 9,863 units in 2012. (Note: Total 2020 financed deals information are as yet being prepared.)

EDA information is ordered from state UCC-1 filings on financed Construction equipment. Since there is a standard 40-to 50-day revealing slack from the states – exacerbated in 2020 in light of the effects of Covid-19 – Equipment World are utilizing a Nov. 30th cut off in this report. Likewise note that EDA ceaselessly refreshes this information as data comes in. This report was assembled the seven day stretch of Feb. fifteenth.

A glance back at financed excavator deals

At Auction Frontier

As revealed by the TopBid Auction values, 821 full-size tractors were sold at sell off from Feb. 1, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021.

The top full-size excavator sold during this time was a 2017 CAT 390F with 5,606 hours, which went for $520,000 in a May fifteenth Ritchie Bros. sell off in Phoenix. Likewise besting the outline was a 2019 Hitachi ZX490LCH-6, which sold for $325,000 at an Alex Lyon and Sons July 23rd deal in Canastota, New York.

Auction Insights

It’s intriguing to take note of that four under-50-hour machines made the top sale value list, three of them sold at the pre-pandemic February 2020 Ritchie deal in Orlando: a Volvo EC200 EL, a 2019 machine with 23 hours that went for $290,000; a CAT 336GC, a 2018 CAT esteem estimated model with 10 hours on the meter that went for $280,000; and a 2018 CAT 336F L with 6 hours that got a high offered of $270,000.

Adjusting the low-hour list was another 2018 CAT 336F L with 31 hours, which sold for $270,000 on Mar. 12 at a Ritchie deal in Las Vegas.




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