10 Reasons Why One Should Invest in Used Equipment & Machinery

Looking for opportunities to expand your business? Perhaps the demand is good and you want to increase production? Or maybe the efficiency can do with

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Looking for opportunities to expand your business? Perhaps the demand is good and you want to increase production? Or maybe the efficiency can do with some touch-ups. We are always looking for ways to incorporate growth. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in a good piece of machinery. Whatever industry it is, machines make the work way more efficient and smooth. If you agree with us and are thinking of investing in a suitable price of equipment, that’s awesome! But even if you’re not, you will want to when you finish reading the article. Here we have 10 signs of why one should invest in used equipment and machinery.



       1. Boost in production

Do you have a feeling that the market is hungry for more than you are putting out? Then it’s time to start putting in more time and get more stuff made so you provide more stuff to the market. Investing in used equipment or machinery will facilitate the production in less time and business will start booming!


       2. Grow while being on a budget

You don’t necessarily have to go heavy on the pocket to see positive growth. Investing in a machine might sound expensive, investing in suitable used equipment is economical. You can get a great deal if you have a sharp eye and the growth is bound to be seen.


       3. Go for the top brand available in the market

Do you want to go for the best brand out there but it’s out of your reach? It’s not anymore. Choosing the best is a sign of consciousness and used equipment lets you make that decision without draining your entire finances. You get the reliability and features of the top brand at a price you love.


      4. Save on the cost of ownership

Heavy machinery holds its value even after the first 12 months. If you need the machinery for a certain period, you can simply buy a used one and then sell it later. This is way more feasible than buying new equipment.


      5. You get to stay out of the loans and interests

While buying machines from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), you often need to fill out forms and need to get a loan and other stuff. It’s just that the cost of such machines is so high, there is just no other option! Or is there? When you buy used equipment, you are saved from all these tensions and stress of loans.


     6. Worried about the maintenance coat? Don’t be.

It may come as a shock but not all used equipment requires high maintenance than a brand new counterpart. Used machines can last as long as a new one and save you on the maintenance cost. It all comes down to how smart and attentive your usage of the machine is.


     7. Profitable resale value

A study revealed that a machine’s resale price drops as much as 40% in only the first year. Then it remains stable for the next 5-6 years. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to buy a machine whose resale value remains intact? Then you should go to the used machinery industry.


     8. No need to wait up for the product to arrive

If I have made the purchase and I have to pay right now then why will I get the product after six months? Six months is the average lead time for a machine to arrive from an OEM. Take the wait out of the equation with used equipment and machinery.


     9. A business opportunity

Yes, buying used equipment or machinery can be an independent business opportunity too. While you have the freedom of using it for your projects, you can start renting it for external projects, too. This will give you a lot of extra field experience, and expand your business too.


    10. Save on the insurance expenditure

While we are aware of how used equipment is more cost-effective, it keeps the same stand with insurance rates. Insurance companies calculate their premiums on the equipment’s replacement cost, not on how much you would be able to sell it for after you have owned it for a while. You will be on the safer side with lesser investment.

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