10 Point Checklist For Purchasing Used Equipment and Machinery.

The purchasing of used equipment and machinery among multiple options and vendors along with confusing and complex procedure requires time, money, eff

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The purchasing of used equipment and machinery among multiple options and vendors along with confusing and complex procedure requires time, money, effort and still there is a chance of mistake. Here are the 10 fundamental do list to keep in mind while purchasing an used equipment and machinery.


  1. One have to do intensive research to figure out what make and model of used equipment and machinery is best for them according to their requirement. Never just exclusively rely upon a sales rep or basic information on different online platform to get to your necessities since they can up-sell on a model that is more than needed or the other way around.


  1. After figuring out which brand and model best suits you, at that point you have to decide the real valuation of the machine. As genuine market values can’t be determined on just web result. Because those are hyped up and it involves many factors such as make, model, features, operating hours, condition of equipment and many more. There are many evaluation services which will help you out and are easily available on few clicks.


  1. When you have the Fair Market Values then you can begin your hunt for options. There are a few online platforms that incorporate vendors, wholesalers, rental companies and wholesalers. And in order to get the best arrangement you should expand your inquiry to a national  and international levels.


  1. When you are done with your research and discovered the most suitable option, then you should do the in depth analysis for this unit. For example you have selected a model: a 2014 Tulsa HDD rig. The machine is at present claimed by a person who is the subsequent proprietor. You should accumulate all the data the merchant may have about the machine and confirm it accurately.


  1. The easy way to verify the information is by getting in touch with the dealers and with the help of dealer card or serial number one can easily verify the service history, operational hours, if any parts are replaced or any up-gradation in the model etc.


  1. Sometimes moreover to this one need to take help of an autonomous third party to assess the used equipment or machine if all the information is not available or seems difficult to evaluate as any miss in inspection can incur huge cost in later stage.


  1. Later on the inspections a proper verification and clearance documents of equipment from the national bodies (for example insurance bureau) are needed to done to avoid the risk of buying an equipment from the seller who has no right to sell it.


  1. After confirming and verifying now comes the scheduling of the delivery and this can be many a times be taxed so one needs to clarify how they want their delivery without much hassle either through freight services or want the seller to deliver to the site.


  1. On Finalizing the freight schedules and delivery the most important part of payment comes. Nowadays there are various modes of payment but the most common way for payment are wire transfers which are safe and secure and don’t takes much of the time.


  1. Lastly check the equipment on delivery it should be delivered in decided condition of inspection.

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